There was no question that progressives (and plenty of conservatives) were going to pile on Donald Trump Jr. after a report in the New York Times compelled him to release an email thread in which he barely concealed his interest in what was billed as damaging information on Hillary Clinton straight from high-level sources in the Russian government.

The Russian lawyer with whom he met reportedly didn’t have any such opposition research, but now Trump has a large ethical and public relations problem on his plate if not a legal one.

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards got in a zinger at the president’s son Tuesday afternoon.

It’s a good one, but consider things from the younger Trump’s perspective. He was eager to do anything he thought could help the campaign and certainly couldn’t resist the offer of information that could damage his opponent.

It would be like opening the doors to Planned Parenthood to, say, a pair interested in body parts and being eager to show off your merchandise and the quality and care put into every step of the “crush below, crush above” procurement chain to reduce waste and ensure the best possible product. You might even haggle a little to show your confidence.

If these two showed up with an interest in forging a business relationship, it’s unlikely Planned Parenthood would have turned them away either.

* * *