The Guardian reported Monday that the planet’s sixth mass extinction event is already well underway, resulting in nothing less than the “biological annihilation” of thousands of species. Not surprisingly, the blame lies firmly at the feet of the human race.

Although climate change does get a shout-out in the piece, for once it’s “human overpopulation and continued population growth, and overconsumption, especially by the rich,” that is responsible for the crisis.

As tempting as it is to track down these rich humans to save the planet, they might have some use after all. Word is that David Letterman and Sen. Al Franken will lend their comedic talents to a series of hilarious videos on climate change and hopefully save some of that vanishing habitat.

Franken’s already off and running with “the PERFECT” analogy, although to us it pales in comparison to Al Gore’s declaration that “the planet has a fever.”

We’d already feared that both Franken and Letterman were responsible for the previous mass extinction of humor when they decided to go political, but that photo above suggests they still find each other funny, so maybe at least two people will enjoy the series.

Funny Or Die presents, “Two Rich Old White Men.”

Between Bill Nye’s lesson on gender fluidity, sung to the tune of “My Sex Junk,” and this, science has never been in better hands.

* * *