It’s a bit strange to be confronted in a single day with 1) a “gender” questionnaire with 27 checkboxes provided along with a fill-in-the-blank space just in case, and 2) an old-school, tale-of-the-tape matchup between two alpha males meeting at the G20 summit.

We don’t remember when the BBC did an age and height breakdown of Secretary Hillary Clinton and her stupid “reset button” prop, but they must have, right?

The main event:

The BBC did indeed have a body language expert analyze the handshake and other interactions, but so did the Russians. While the BBC’s expert gave the edge to Trump, a Russian expert consulted by a daily tabloid ruled that Putin “controlled the situation” and won “a psychological victory.”

Both analyses made it to the New York Times’ G20 coverage, but guess which one made it to its own featured tweet?

The Times managed to make the fake news seem even more fake for a bit, there.

But enough of the body language analysis. Everyone knows there’s no more respected political analyst than Chris Uhlmann of Australia’s ABC News, at least for the next hour or so. Uhlmann’s conclusion that Trump was an “uneasy, lonely, awkward figure” at the G20 did wonders for his mentions among the blue checkmark crowd.

Keep in mind, though, that this reaction pales in comparison to the pearl clutching and fainting spells that rippled through the media Thursday after Trump spoke in Poland using “white supremacist trigger words” like “Western values” and “civilization.” At least let these people have something to celebrate after Trump triggered them so badly.

* * *