As we mentioned Friday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was getting an earful over his decision to hop a flight to Hamburg, Germany to hang around the G20 summit, despite the fact that his own city had just witnessed the assassination of a police officer and a serious train derailment. The trip also required him to skip out on a swearing-in ceremony for new police officers at a very sensitive time.

Of course the criticism didn’t stop global citizen de Blasio from burning some jet fuel, and on Saturday the mayor retweeted some local coverage of him and his son surveying part of the city that might or might not have been set on fire by anarchists.

Mayor de Blasio also found time for a quick postcard message to the folks back home:

De Blasio certainly can show the way forward when it comes to income inequality; a recent survey showed a 39 percent increase in New York City’s homeless population over last year’s count.

And how is it that loudest critics of climate change can’t see the hypocrisy of hopping a jet every time there’s a conference on the danger of carbon emissions?

The mayor could make a lot of constituents happy and reduce his climate footprint by staying put.

* * *