Quite a few news outlets were up in arms … no pun intended … when word got around that female reporters who had gone sleeveless in the summer heat had been barred from the House of Representatives for violating the dress code.

CBS News put together a surprisingly lengthy piece on the dress code and Capitol Hill’s “fashion police,” while Jezebel published a story on the “new” dress code before being informed it wasn’t new at all and updating its headline.

Still, if you didn’t know it before and just found out, it’s news to you, and news to Newsweek.

Newsweek went ahead the extra few steps it took to bring the yawner of a “no sleeveless dresses” policy across the line into the realm of oppressive anti-feminist dystopia.

This one, right here:

Republicans? Oh, apparently House Speaker Paul Ryan came up with the “new” rule so he’d have something to enforce.

Honestly, we never would have begged liberals to put down “Harry Potter” and read another book if we’d known it was going to be “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

* * *


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