Today should have been the fifth full day of the nation eating popcorn while watching CNN punch itself in the face, and though it started out that way, Linda Sarsour of the Women’s March helped put the national conversation in reverse, to a time when liberals found themselves tasked with defining the true meaning of jihad to a country stung by terrorism.

It made for a strange Thursday, as the day was front-loaded with think pieces about President Trump’s visit to Poland. Sure, it looked like a successful trip — to all the white supremacists out there who fear nothing more than non-white immigration. Suddenly, the words “Western” and “values” and “civilization” and “borders” all had to be couched in scare quotes … no wonder universities are dropping those “Western Civilization” courses from their general degree requirements.

The examples were too many to list here, but Peter Beinart just got out of the clown car and will do for an example.

And then, after video of Sarsour asking that Allah accept resistance against the Trump administration as jihad made the rounds, the same people who considered “civilization” to be a white supremacist dog whistle couldn’t believe how dumb people could be.

Clearly. Thank goodness for our media gatekeepers.

Resistance against “oppression,” poor dear.

You know what? Forget it. If it takes progressives another three years of talking about jihad for the rest of us to finally appreciate the beauty of the term, so be it.