As Twitchy reported, the #CNNBlackmail hashtag began to trend nationally after it looked like CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski had tracked down the creator of that Trump vs. CNN clip and promised him conditional anonymity — CNN reserved the right to go public with his name “should he repeat this ugly social behavior.”

BuzzFeed later talked to a CNN source who said the problematic “reserve the right to publish” line was added during the editing process as a safeguard, “and it backfired.”

It backfired in such a large way, in fact, that BuzzFeed noted “Kaczynski and his family are the subject of an ongoing harassment campaign,” and a protest outside Kaczynski’s New York home had been announced.

But seriously, folks: stuff like holding queer dance protests outside people’s houses is more progressives’ speed.

Worst of all, CNN will likely have cameras there to cover the protest, giving the network a reason to stretch out this story another week or two.

* * *