Whether you think Donald Trump’s tireless online tweaking of CNN is “modern day presidential” or perpetually juvenile, CNN’s stone-faced response has been a marvel to witness, as have the approximately 50 or so new GIFs we’ve seen pop up since the first went viral.

CNN, in the meantime, spent the day digging itself further into a hole while the hashtag #CNNBlackmail just kept rising higher. Andrew Kaczynski might (or might not) have tracked down the person who made the WWE video, but no one really cared about that; rather, it was CNN reserving the right to name him should he repeat his ugly behavior or repost the clip that got everyone’s attention.

Some said CNN’s claim that it has added the line “out of concern for his safety” sounded better in Tony Soprano’s voice, but we think Brandon Morse of TheBlaze nailed it with this completely voluntary apology video.

* * *