As Twitchy reported, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made it one of his personal challenges in 2017 to travel to all 50 states and talk to people about their lives and work. Zuckerberg’s been living that challenge, posting a lot of pictures of food and dropping in on families for dinner. Sure, it might look a lot like a 2020 presidential candidate making a dry run, but … it’s just something he wants to do, OK?

Be cautioned, though: if Zuckerberg drops in for dinner at your place, the Hill suggests he might just steer the conversation toward “universal basic income,” a bipartisan policy through which government gives individuals “a lump sum of money annually,” helping make it so “everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.”

Something about that reminds us of Nancy Pelosi promising that Obamacare would free us all from “job lock,” leaving everyone to pursue their dream careers.

There’s more to the plan, obviously, and Zuckerberg would love to explore it further if anyone’s interested.

Hold up, now: Zuckerberg says the conservatives should like the idea, since it comes from “conservative principles of smaller government, rather than progressive principles of a larger safety net.”

Alaska, he noted, has a fund based on oil revenue that pays out about $1,000 per person. But where would the money come from for the rest of the country? Zuckerberg reportedly told graduates at a Harvard’s commencement speech, “People like me should pay for it. A lot of you are going to do well, and you should, too.”

Nope, still not convinced, except that Zuckerberg really is planning to run.

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