It’s clear by now that CNN’s Jim Acosta is leading the charge against accusations that his network deals in fake news; his pinned tweet reads simply, “We are real news Mr. President,” and he sends it around every now and then as a reminder.

Here’s a defense of fake news we didn’t see coming, though: Lauren Duca, a freelancer who has written for Teen Vogue, admitted that yes, journalists make mistakes, but hey, have you checked out a book called — wait for it — “the Bible?”

That tweet’s so edgy we managed to cut a couple of fingers just copying and pasting it in here.

It’s true: Hillary Clinton actually thanked her for having the courage and poise to challenge established systems of power … even Christianity, it turns out.

It’s a mystery, just like how all the liberal celebrities announced they were moving to Canada and not Mexico were Trump to win.

* * *