You could say that President Donald Trump has broken a lot of rules with his “modern day presidential” tweets calling out fake news outlets, but CNN’s Brian Stelter recently learned that Twitter’s terms of use are not among those rules, at least where that video of Trump wrestling the network’s logo is concerned.

As Twitchy reported Sunday, “Reliable Sources” host Stelter asked on air if the video broke the rules and tweeted a link to Twitter’s “hateful conduct” policy. Several hours later, Stelter received a response, but probably not the one he was hoping for.

We at Twitchy have been at this for a while, and if “hateful conduct” really weren’t allowed, the entire site would have shut down long ago. Call it whatever else you like, but that wrestling video is about as much an incitement to violence as Sarah Palin’s legendary “crosshairs” map.

Yet …

Hopefully a White House spokesperson will explain that the wrestling video was, much like Kathy Griffin’s bloody, severed Trump head, an “expression of art.”

* * *