Earlier Monday, Twitchy noted some of the praise President Trump was receiving in response to his tweet offering help to Charlie Gard, the terminally ill British infant courts have ruled is to be taken off life support.

Did we say “praise”?

Unfortunately, the tweet also served as a sad reminder to Republicans: while Trump seems to invite heat from opponents, that heat would have been turned on any Republican who defeated Hillary Clinton last fall — just check out the rash of Mike Pence hit pieces and the derision he faced when a 15-year-old quote about dining with women other than his wife was reprinted.

Twitchy readers might remember when New Jersey Rep. Tom MacArthur held a town hall in May and was confronted over the House health care bill. MacArthur attempted to share his own experience of taking his 11-year-old daughter off of life support, but angry constituents weren’t moved, and instead shouted him down with yells of “Shame on you!” and reminded him that other babies would die too under the GOP’s plan.

Some people just can’t seem to look at anything, even Charlie Gard’s case, through any lens but that of the Republican health care plan.

You know what’s ironic? Watching open borders progressives who advocate tirelessly on behalf of illegal immigrants suddenly taking an “America first” attitude when it comes to providing health care. Weren’t they the same ones forwarding the story of the poor man whose grandmother died in Iraq because of Trump’s travel ban? (That turned out to be a hoax, by the way.)

Anyone surprised by the tone of these tweets and many more like them? What have millions of modern day citizens done under Trump but join “the resistance” and commit themselves to preemptive obstruction and impeachment?

* * *