Plenty have weighed in on an aerial photo of Gov. Chris Christie lounging on a New Jersey beach — after ordering state beaches closed to the public as part of a budget fight.

Even the socialists at Jacobin Magazine were appalled, albeit at the shocking display of “capitalism” at work.

Author Brad Thor certainly isn’t about to apologize for being a capitalist, and after zooming in on the photo even further than the newspapers would dare, he discovered that Christie’s quest for some time in a beach chair wasn’t so bad after all. Hey, isn’t that a copy of Thor’s most recent thriller, “Use of Force,” in Christie’s hands?

Now that’s capitalism.

Speaking of pixels, Photoshoppers couldn’t just let Christie sit there, especially after he had encouraged citizens to come enjoy the Jersey shore.

Here’s Christie finally enjoying a position in the White House with President Trump.

It looks like another writer tried to compete with Brad Thor by whipping up this message and flying it overhead.

* * *