Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, is making a concerted effort to keep Obamacare in place, though the tactics — such as forming a human chain around the Capitol in protest — seem about as productive as “Handsmaid’s Tale” (or zombie) cosplay get-togethers or queer dance protests outside Mitch McConnell’s house.

On Saturday, however, Tanden gave some cogent advice that her field army in the mainstream media is unlikely to heed: don’t let President Trump’s tweets distract from the health care bill. We only wish the GOP had it together enough to make this scenario actually happen.

We’re old enough to remember going to Independence Day and Memorial Day parades to wave American flags instead of protest signs. Hell, we’re old enough to remember going to Thanksgiving dinners without a printout of Obamacare talking points courtesy of Organizing for Action.

But again, though it’s rare we agree with Neera Tanden, we can’t argue: Trump apparently is going to tweet crazy stuff his entire term in office and beyond.

As frustrating as it’s been to see the GOP split into #MAGA and #NeverTrump camps (not to mention the long-established RINO wing), it’s always nice to be reminded that progressives are a big mess too. Tanden’s message doesn’t seem to have been able to reach Keith Olbermann in his super-secret studio encampment.

(Admittedly, his tweet came first, but the point stands … some are just too focused on Trump’s removal from office by any means possible to see anything else.)

So … ignore the tweets and focus on legislation, or remove Trump from office over two tweets about “Morning Joe” because they confirm he’s self-destructing? We’ve gotta go with Olbermann on this one … definitely ride those two tweets as long and far as possible.

Always encouraging to hear criticism of Trump calling a TV host “Psycho Joe” from a psychologist who uses the term “loony.”

* * *