Let’s hope Independence Day brings something better than this, the worst fireworks show ever. President Trump unleashed a minor tweet-storm Saturday afternoon, following up on his very personal and much-publicized shots at the hosts of “Morning Joe.”

Saturday’s batch wasn’t personal, but it still targeted CNN and the news media, and like dogs going nuts at the flashes of light in the sky and the loud noises, journalists responded. This isn’t going to end soon, is it?

Nope. CBS News’ Mark Knoller, the one person in D.C. with a legitimate claim to possibly knowing everything, traced the epicenter to CNN’s 6 p.m. report.

That last tweet racked up nearly 50,000 likes in the first 90 minutes or so, and like it or not, he has a point about doing an end run around the media to victory. But that “modern day presidential” bit is bound to launch countless memes.

In any case, Trump isn’t going to stop tweeting, and the press is going to continue to take the bait. CNN’s Jim Acosta ducked into a restroom for a quick change into his super hero costume and came out running toward the tweets like a firefighter to a fire in defense of democracy.

Absolutely. We will cherish and defend our First Amendment freedoms just like we continue to cherish and defend our Second Amendment freedoms.

Yeah, we know … it’s been pinned to your profile forever. It even outlasted some CNN employees who succumbed to the lure of fake news; that was a cheap shot, but this whole feud is just sad to watch.

Until then, though …

But seriously, though, First Amendment are always at risk of being chipped away slowly.

Let’s hope so; two of the biggest newspapers in the country seemed to get cold feet after the recent SCOTUS decision allowing “offensive” names to be trademarked.

How is the rest of the press responding to Trump’s claim that his tweets are “modern day presidential”?

And just one more reminder: the reason we know the exact percentage is that someone thought it was newsworthy to bother counting. Maybe try ignoring it for a day or two?

* * *