The New York Times reportedly was “slammed” with subscription cancellations after the editors allowed new columnist Bret Stephens to slip some climate change apostasy into those sacred pages.

As tiresome as it is to type one more time, despite the freak-out (and the claim in the tweet below), Stephens noted in his piece that “none of this is to deny climate change or the possible severity of its consequences.” But that’s just the sort of thing a climate change denier would say to gain the trust of his new readership, isn’t it. Hmm…

It looks like the climate is going to be changing at MSNBC pretty soon; it’s starting to feel a little … [tugs shirt collar] … conservative over there.

No, he didn’t argue against climate change, but even if people could get that through their heads, they’d likely explode anyway. Actor Mark Ruffalo was among those encouraging his followers to sign a petition demanding that MSNBC stop hiring white conservatives, and now The Hill is reporting that Stephens will join NBC and MSNBC as an on-air contributor.

It’s a scientific consensus, if you will.

* * *