Ben Shapiro perhaps said it best Monday in a piece published in Daily Wire entitled, “Why Republicans Lose No Matter What With Trumpcare.” The whole thing’s worth a read, but Shapiro pulled out his own excerpt to serve as “the short version.”

By Monday night, every news outlet in America had zeroed in on that 22 million number from the CBO, declaring that’s how many would “lose” insurance under the Senate plan.

The 22 million number even became the basis of a “Twitter Moment.”

As Shapiro wrote: “Thanks to media coverage and Republican cowardice, the first metric has become the most prevalent — and that’s the one that hurts Republicans the most, since even if people opt out voluntarily, they are now ‘uncovered’ by this metric.”

As the Weekly Standard’s John McCormack pointed out, the CBO estimated that most of those “losing” insurance would be people choosing not to buy it without fear of being penalized under the ACA’s individual mandate.

But Shapiro’s right: regardless of the mechanism behind it, word is out that 22 million people will lose coverage. Check out Slate’s take on a brief video clip of House Speaker Paul Ryan:

We haven’t been living in it long, but still, it’s an Obamacare world, and in theoretical post-Obamacare world, “choose” is the word set off in scare-quotes. Writer Jordan Weissmann notes that, in the video clip, “It’s the smile that makes it so eerie, right?”

Weissman continues:

In an extremely narrow, technical sense, Ryan is almost right: The CBO does say that under the Republican plan, Americans would choose not to buy insurance, in part because they’d no longer be required to by law. But that’s a bit like saying a poor single mother of three is choosing to skip meals so her kids can eat. It’s not really a choice. It’s a sacrifice.

Again, in the theoretical post-Obamacare world, we’re all just poor single mothers forced by the Ryan and the GOP to choose between food and health care. As for America before Obamacare? No one seems to have any recollection of how the human race survived.

Hold up; there seems to be some disagreement. Maybe Ryan has a valid point.

Now, if everyone could just turn their heads very slowly this way so as not to startle NBC News, it seems someone there managed to grasp what Paul was saying without succumbing to the vapors.

* * *