She might have mentioned it before at a speech or tech conference or during a commencement address or to random people she encountered in the woods over the last few months, but Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, and she’s coming to terms with that loss and preparing to lead the resistance if called.

Those who might have missed Clinton’s message got to hear it Tuesday in Chicago, where Clinton spoke briefly as part of the American Library Association’s convention and teaser her upcoming memoir.

CNN reports that the speech was sponsored by her publisher, Simon and Schuster, which is likely why the shots at President Donald Trump were few and far between:

Her memoir, she said, will cover “what it’s really like to run for President — especially if you’re a woman. And there’s a lot to that, not just hair and makeup. But ultimately it’s about resilience — how to get back up after a loss.”

Clinton did speak up for funding of libraries, the arts, and public broadcasting and reminded librarians that they served on the front lines in defense of truth.

Not only is a memoir on the way, but Clinton also held up a copy of the new children’s edition of her classic, “It Takes a Village.”