As much as the creators of no-apology hashtag campaigns like #ShoutYourAbortion would prefer organizations like Planned Parenthood to follow their lead, when the threat of losing taxpayer funding is in the air, supporters like Mark Ruffalo tend to talk more about cancer screenings than abortions.

A lot of MSNBC viewers were likely surprised Tuesday when they learned from an onscreen graphic that abortions account for (at least) 3 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services. Only 3 percent? That number seems awfully low.

Ah! If you look closely enough, you see the source of that figure is Planned Parenthood itself. There’s no way the woman from the undercover video is every going to afford that Lamborghini if the baby part business is operating at that volume.

That handy graphic was part of a longer segment that aired on MSNBC Tuesday. As Conor Beck noted at the Washington Free Beacon, MSNBC bypassed any number of Democrat politicians and went straight to the source, having Planned Parenthood’s Director of Constituency Communications sit in for a grilling by anchor Ali Velshi, who is “not an advocate” for Planned Parenthood, by the way.

OK, maybe Velshi did come across as a bit of an advocate:

MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi spent several minutes Tuesday heralding Planned Parenthood as “a critical tool for helping saving lives” and said “I’m not an advocate” before having Planned Parenthood’s Director of Constituency Communications come on to defend the organization.

“Some people just say it’s an abortion factory. Just stop for a minute. Put your Twitter down,” Velshi said before giving statistics on its number of patients.

“I’m not an advocate, just trying to tell you it’s a complex organization.”

It’s a complex, critical, life-saving tool, that’s all.

* * *