To be fair, this is one of those cases where the headline and the tweet just don’t match. While it’s true that the Washington Post on Tuesday published a piece by Jon Ossoff under the headline, “Lessons for Democrats from the Georgia election,” the tweet the paper chose to send out was too good to resist.

“What Democrats won in Georgia” isn’t an entirely unfair question; whether they wanted it or not, they won representation by Rep. Karen Handel, so that’s something. And Ossoff got to publish an opinion piece in WaPo as a consolation prize. It’s clear he’s proud of the grass-roots campaign he ran for a district in which he doesn’t live, funded by donations from out-of-staters desperate for a win.

Essentially, Ossoff’s piece isn’t much more than a repeat of his campaign stump speech, with the “winning” found in the fact that Democrats weren’t utterly destroyed at the polls after sticking to a leftist agenda. It’s pretty much the same lesson Sally Kohn took from Ossoff’s loss on election night: maybe the Democratic party would  learn to “finally give up its self-destructive obsession with centrism.”

Aside from that lesson — which we hope the Dems adopt wholeheartedly — what else did they win?

* * *