We bet they’re pretty strict over at MSNBC with employee use of the copier and other electronics; it doesn’t look like any of the interns would let “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough sneak in after hours to shoot and edit the video for his new song, “Mystified.”

The Daily Mail called the video a “scathing indictment” of the president, describing it as “images of a world in decline from war, drug use, guns and racism, with video clips of President Trump scattered throughout,” while Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski “stare desensitized at a the images in front of them.” So, essentially, they swap places with the average American cable news viewer for 5 minutes and end up clutching their heads from apparent migraines.

If you’re wondering whether to hit play or not, we checked it out, and there’s no doubt Scarborough has a tentative grasp on Elvis Costello’s look from 1977 and the sound of New Wave exhaling its dying breath circa 1988, coupled with what’s essentially a ripoff of the 1990 video for Jesus Jones’ “Right Here Right Now.” Whether the detonation of a nuclear bomb at the end functions better as a warning or as a review we’ll leave up to the readers brave enough to hit play.

If you missed the live debut, you can check out scarboroughmusic.com.


Hold up a sec’ … that sound you hear is Scarborough printing up a bunch of stickers saying, “… like Springsteen.”

But wait: Here’s a special bonus for anyone who’s read this far, and for those wondering, it’s not an ode to tentacle porn.

* * *