We now pause for a message from our all-knowing celebrity overlords:

Plenty of people have been forwarding a meme exposing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a hypocrite for wanting to repeal Obamacare while knowing the government paid to treat his polio as a young child, but actor Ron Perlman might have amassed the largest number of retweets, currently just over 23,000, and likes, which tally more than 30,000. Add a retweet by Michael Ian Black, and there’s thousands more.

One you’ve let that sink in, go ahead and let it drain back out, because it’s not true. McConnell has told the story of how he received treatment at a facility founded by Franklin D. Roosevelt, but it was a nonprofit facility that was neither funded by nor operated by the government.

Snopes.com posted its fact-check Friday, but by that time the false story had been spread far and wide. Fortunately actor James Morrison was there to clear things up … sort of.

Nice. Why follow “to be clear” with a cheap shot tied to “confusion” over whether his treatment was government funded? It wasn’t. But thanks, blue checkmarks!

Well, apparently no one cares that the story is false, especially after Vice President Mike Pence spoke Saturday of a health care plan with personal responsibility as one of its pillars.

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