As Twitchy reported, Mediaite grabbed a lot of attention Wednesday when a reporter went public with an exclusive audio recording exposing Sen. Tom Cotton using some questionable language, including slurs like “faggot” and “tranny.” No, wait, it wasn’t Cotton who said any of those things, but a former intern known only as “Nate.”

Plenty of people slammed Mediaite and reporter Caleb Ecarma for publishing the “garbage slanderous post” that made it appear as if Cotton had anything to do with it. The joke was on them, apparently, because later Ecarma took an additional victory lap for exposing hypocritical conservatives.

Hires … and fires. Mediaite did give “Nate” a break in his future job searches by withholding his last name, and only later removing links to social media posts revealing it, a decision that confused the New York Times’ Sopan Deb.

Why write the piece? Obviously to make Cotton look bad and suggest that Republicans “apply their extreme vetting policies to their intern hiring process” — totally worth it.

Mediaite’s managing editor noted that conservatives were “furious” that Ecarma had exposed a bigoted person for bigotry, because, yes, right wingers obviously were deeply invested both politically and emotionally in this intern, Nate.

So it wasn’t a thinly veiled hit job on Tom Cotton?

This thread goes on forever, but we’ll skip to the most pressing question out of many:

No, it was a lesson for conservatives in taking personal responsibility.

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