Washington, D.C. and New York City seem to be locked in a battle over which city has the worst public transit system. New York seems to be winning the day, with both the New York Post and Vanity Fair publishing articles on just how bad commuting can be when relying on the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Vanity Fair included in its coverage this video that went viral earlier this month:

So, what is Gov. Andrew Cuomo doing about it? For one, he’s adding a couple of state seats to the MTA board to give the state a clear voting majority.

Ah, only $35 billion to stabilize the subways? There must be something in New York left to tax.

Matthew Hamilton of the Times Union last week pointed to this tweet from the governor about self-driving cars as an example of “New York Twitter in a nutshell.” This is just a small sample of the replies.

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Wednesday’s New York Post will include a request that Gov. Cuomo fix the subways.

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