Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday announced the names of 12 cities that will be added to the Department of Justice’s National Public Safety Partnership and receive federal assistance in fighting crime.

A spokesperson for the DOJ explained that the cities selected had “levels of violence that far exceed the national average” and had demonstrated “a commitment to reducing violent crime” and a readiness “to receive the intensive training and technical assistance available.”

What that means exactly is a bit of a mystery, and it leaves plenty of room for conspiracy theories as to why certain cities weren’t selected.

We wouldn’t necessarily call Houston “small” or particularly white, but what do we know? For what it’s worth, Baltimore’s police commissioner was surprised his city wasn’t chosen.

The Office of Justice Programs did issue a map showing which cities were selected for the Public Safety Partnership, along with cities that will be grandfathered in as part of the Obama administration’s Violence Reduction Network initiative; still no Baltimore, though.

President Trump caused quite a commotion in January when he tweeted that he’d “send in the Feds” if Chicago didn’t do something to fix the carnage in that city, and some are glad to be left of the DOJ’s list.

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