The mainstream press hasn’t been quiet about the adversarial relationship it has with President Donald Trump. Reporters complaining about a lack of transparency from the Trump administration have a legitimate gripe — one that would resonate with the public much louder had they complained when, say, electronic “glitches” kept erasing bits of government videos and audio recordings.

It’s too late for Howard Dean to fill that vacancy as chair of the DNC, but he’s hanging around social media anyway, making bizarre assertions like, the First Amendment doesn’t protect hate speech. He doubled-down and more on that embarrassment of an argument, and now he’s back to lecture Twitter again on freedom of the press.

Things kicked off when Brent Scher of the Washington Free Beacon was turned away from Jon Ossoff’s campaign event Monday night. Maybe Ossoff should have hired Melissa Click to act as muscle and set out some “Media Free Zone” signs.

You can practically hear the democracy from outside, where certain reporters have been banished.

What could Ossoff’s campaign have against Scher, unless perhaps it was his piece highlighting just how far Ossoff lives from the district he’s running to represent.

Hold that body slam: Ossoff’s GOP opponent, Karen Handel, reportedly barred Kira Lerner of ThinkProgress from her final event.

Well, these are campaign events and not meetings of elected officials, but still, it’s a really bad look.

“What would First Amendment scholar Howard Dean say?” asked no one.

Excellent burn. Plus, Daily Caller associate editor Peter Hasson appreciated the shout-out.

Any comment from Howard Dean on the legitimacy of ThinkProgress? Kira Lerner seems to think her outlet is legit.

At least Scher can read all about the Ossoff rally at ThinkProgress:

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