Police on Thursday afternoon reportedly closed off the neighborhood of Karen Handel, a Republican running for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, after letters containing a “white powdery substance” were found delivered to at least five homes.

One of Handel’s neighbors posted a photo of the letter she received to Facebook, writing: “Karen Handel lives in my neighborhood. These were distributed today to the neighbors. There was a white powdery substance in the envelope. Police have been called.”

Handel issued a statement soon afterward.

It appears that at least one Atlanta TV station, FOX 5, also received one of the suspicious packages:

FOX 5 reports that the potential threat was contained:

The package contained a white powdery substance inside a clear plastic envelope. The package also contained a document with anti-Donald Trump and anti-Karen Handel language.

The package and its contents were secured in a containment box after being opened. A hazardous materials team was brought in to investigate. The powdery substance inside the package has not been identified.

The election for the 6th District is Tuesday. Handel is running against Democrat Jon Ossoff.

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Commentary editor John Podhoretz is certain the letter is a fake. We’ll update this post if and when authorities provide further information.

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Fraud or not, authorities are not messing around. Police, the FBI, and hazmat crews are still on the scene as of 10:30 p.m., and neighbors have been instructed to shelter in place.