Whatever it is that’s going on right now — a criminal investigation of President Trump for obstruction of justice, perhaps — took an interesting twist when Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issued a statement Thursday night cautioning Americans against stories attributed to anonymous officials … which would include just about every story published since January or so.

The very best part of the statement, though, was the way it managed to send journalists searching for that perfect word to describe it. What could Rosenstein mean, “be skeptical about anonymous allegations”?

That makes two votes for “bizarre,” one for “curious,” one for “interesting,” two for “strange,” one for “odd” … and add a late entry for “super odd.”

This is weird … all of the usual suspects are wondering why Rosenstein would issue a caution about believing anonymous sources. Which reporter is getting ready to drop tomorrow’s anonymously sourced 5 p.m. bombshell and isn’t telling?

We’ll have to see. As strange as the statement might seem, it’s nice that there was a name attached to it in case anyone has questions.


* * *