These are strange times in which we live. Hillary Clinton was considered the most qualified candidate for president — ever — and yet journalists tallied each and every time she was interrupted during the debates, as if her gender rendered her incapable of doing the same.

The campaign season inspired a piece or several on “manterrupting,” and for International Women’s Day, an agency released an iPhone app designed to detect whenever a male voice interrupted a woman who was speaking.

Imagine the outrage, then, when Sen. Kamala Harris was interrupted by pasty white Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Tuesday.

CNN commentator Keith Boykin was shocked.

What is wrong with some people’s hearing that they missed a good two hours of interruptions, raised voices, innuendo, and plenty more?

Well, it’s her current go-to move, but it’s wearing thin pretty quickly with a lot of people. Besides, that’s Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s move.

Is it that obvious? Yes — yes, it is. Besides, it wasn’t only Sessions who was guilty of manterrupting.

* * *