Wow, if gun control groups like the Brady Campaign hadn’t been publicizing it for months now, we almost wouldn’t have known that the Russia investigation and the Obamacare repeal were just distractions while the GOP voted to make it easier to purchase a suppressor, that gadget that removes one of the most important safety features built into a firearm — the really loud “bang” sound.

Some legislators fear that without that safety feature, bad guys could run around New York City murdering people at will, with no witnesses and no way for police to zero in on the scene of the crime. Can you imagine?

Dana Milbank isn’t about to let the GOP get away with passing the legislation under the distraction of the Russia investigation and the American Health Care Act.

Back up just a minute, though. Leaving aside the misleading “legalizing gun silencers” claim for the moment, didn’t the GOP stage the James Comey testimony in order to distract from the vote on the American Health Care Act? Or was that just a ruse to throw off lesser journalists while Republicans went for the real prize: less expensive suppressors?

And if the GOP is passing all of this legislation while millions are glued to Senate testimony about Russia, wouldn’t it be smarter for liberals to just drop it at least until they settle on exactly what it was Russia did?

Whatever; the facts about suppressors haven’t changed. Guns will still be insanely loud. Rep. Jeff Duncan held a suppressor demonstration last week for fellow lawmakers, but a source says only about a dozen showed up.

(Looks like Politico saw through the whole Russia/Obamacare ruse too.)

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