Who was trolling whom on Monday? Journalists went slightly nuts seeing members of Donald Trump’s cabinet offer effusive praise of and support for the president, and Sen. Chuck Schumer even went the extra mile to troll Trump with a video of his staffers.

But consider the context: it seems like each week sources within the White House leak rumors that someone is going to be fired or resign. Last week it was leaked that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was on the very brink of quitting, and yet he didn’t.

As James Comey reminded nearly 20 million viewers over and over and over, the president does fire people, and the hot rumor Monday night was that Robert Mueller, appointed to take over the Russia investigation, was on the chopping block. Here’s the wind-up:

And the pitch:

Rep. Adam Schiff also called the Benghazi committee a “colossal waste of time” and yet seems to have unlimited hours to spare looking for evidence to support the “fact” that Russia “hacked our election.” Next.

Let’s pump the brakes a couple of times and maybe consider a question or two. Mueller? Mueller?

Not a bad question at all:

* * *


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