The driver of a white Dodge Ram pickup who struck two policemen and a Transportation Department officer Thursday night in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, D.C., has been charged with assault with intent to kill and illegal possession of a firearm.

Police say there’s nothing to indicate the incident was an act of terrorism, although they say it’s possible the driver deliberately targeted police officers.

The driver was identified as Brandon Figures-Mormon, 22, of Disputanta, Va. An illegal weapons charge against a passenger, Dwayne Nicholas Taylor, 23, of Prince George, Va., was dropped. Police say a Romarm Cugir rifle, the Romanian version of the AK-47, was found in the back seat of the pickup.

Figures-Mormon remains hospitalized.

The most severely injured officer was described in critical but stable condition Friday, and though he could not speak, Chief  Peter Newsham reported that “he was able to communicate by way of writing, which I took as a very good sign.”

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