While people in “Comey’s Homies” T-shirts were packing into popular D.C. bars Thursday morning to attend watch parties for James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Hillary Clinton issued a gentle reminder that her commencement speech at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn would be streaming online too.

Whichever event viewers chose, the outcome was pretty much the same: there wasn’t much that hadn’t be heard before. While Nate Silver has declared it “painfully obvious” that Comey cost Clinton the election, she was more concerned with taking shots at President Trump.

In case she hadn’t made it clear earlier, Clinton is still bitter over losing the election; to her credit, though, she at least admits that she lost, which a lot of her die-hard supporters just won’t do.

Yes, some people insist on addressing as her Madam President. Sorry to break it to everyone, but there was no smoking gun in Comey’s testimony that’s going to force that re-vote some people seem to be counting on.

The thing is, more and more progressives are suggesting that Hillary politely fade away and let some rising stars in the Democrat Party have a shot.

* * *