It’s strange that despite the flurry of sexual harassment allegations against Donald Trump that surfaced during the campaign, it was the “Access Hollywood” tape with Billy Bush that really resonated with the anti-Trump crowd and still echoes in the protest signs, T-shirts, and hats worn by the resistance.

The excuse that Trump and Bush were just engaging in some “locker room talk” didn’t fly, so we’re not so sure Gov. Chris Christie was helping any when he told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Wednesday afternoon that his exchanges with former FBI Director James Comey were just how people in New York talk to each other.

Translating from New York mafia conversation to D.C. speak seems to be a lot more difficult than one would suspect, seeing as it’s really just two regional dialects of shakedown.

Does Christie’s that sound inane? A little, but couple that theory with the New York Times’ bombshell report about “an awkward hug” between Trump and Comey after Comey unsuccessfully tried to blend into the curtains to avoid interacting. Nobody’s coming out of this looking good.

There’s a lot of truth here, though:

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