This post about Meghan McCain might not provide much insight into the findings at Wednesday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. However, we’re relieved that the exchange took place on Twitter and not as part of a live CNN panel … yet.

It’s no super-slow-motion analysis of the first lady “slapping away” the president’s attempt to take her hand, but NBC News’ Bradd Jaffey was intrigued nonetheless by Sen. John McCain’s tell-all eyebrows during this exchange with Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

Meghan McCain added some expert analysis of the eyebrow raise.

So President Trump speaks “normal New York City conversation,” Sen. John McCain says everything he needs to say with his eyebrows, and James Comey did what he could to track all of this in contemporaneous memos.

Thursday’s the main event — maybe McCain was just limbering up his brow.

* * *