The award for the most ridiculous theory of the day has been handed out already, to all of the people who suggested the House Oversight Committee released its new report on Operation Fast and Furious Wednesday in an attempt to distract attention from the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings.

Never mind that the broadcast networks are all carrying the hearing live, CNN put up a countdown clock 48 hours in advance, and James Comey doesn’t even testify until Thursday — just look at how the cable outlets are going wall-to-wall with the Fast and Furious report.

As the circus was going on, MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes teased conservatives with some good news, reminding them that while all eyes were on Trump, Republicans in the Senate were quietly going to work repealing Obamacare.

As much as we’d like to think one of the big campaign promises was coming true, we’re not counting on it. Still, Hayes’ followers didn’t hesitate to remind him to do his job, just in case, and maybe even lighten up on 24/7 coverage of the B.S. — like Russia.

Maybe the networks did overplay their hands by setting up all of those countdown clocks for Thursday morning.

* * *