Sen. Marco Rubio keeps putting conservatives into awkward places. He outlasted many of his rivals in the presidential primary, but his membership in the “Gang of Eight” was wildly unpopular compared to Donald Trump’s promise to build a border wall and get Mexico to pay for it.

Now, Rubio is praising the important work of Ivanka Trump, whom the media had sold as the progressive member of the Trump family, whispering all the right things into the president’s ear about climate change, for example. The backlash, then, when President Trump announced the U.S. was pulling out of the Paris Agreement was brutal … some “climate czar” Ivanka turned out to be.

The Paris Climate Accord is out, so what’s next on Ivanka Trump’s agenda? It looks like paid family leave, and Rubio is on board.

That tweet from Monday night racked up thousands of likes, but we’d swear all those people at Trump’s campaign rallies were chanting, “Lock her up,” not “Paid family leave.” Rubio on Tuesday then gave Ivanka Trump props for doing important work:

That sounds a lot like something Sen. Bernie Sanders or Sen. Elizabeth Warren might tweet. And the report to which Ivanka links in her tweet does admit that family leave is a hard sell for Republicans:

One reason is that it would be another large government program, which is difficult for lawmakers who are typically against big government to support. With a price tag that runs in the multi-billion dollars per year, it is also difficult for those who are concerned about the country’s debt. Paid leave is doubly problematic for those who see a government paid leave program as displacing benefits already provided in the private market.

There’s more to the report, obviously, but we’re still kind of hung up on families being “forced” to put off having children.

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