Former President Barack Obama, described to Oprah by his wife Michelle as “swagalicious,” never missed an opportunity to note how he was surrounded by strong women and a better man for it. It turns out it’s a favorite line, even when he’s not trawling for votes.

Speaking in Montreal on Tuesday, Obama returned again to the topic of women in leadership positions and predicted that the United States would see a woman president in his lifetime.

As usual, the former president wasn’t content to leave politics at the water’s edge and suggested that every country should have a woman in charge. We can come up with a number of countries where that’s just not going to work out anytime soon, but too bad for them; they’ll have to console themselves with pallets of cash and nuclear centrifuges until they come around to a 21st century mindset.

Hmm … that’s not what he said when he was running against Hillary Clinton in 2008 now, is it?

Coincidentally, while Barack Obama was speaking in Quebec, former first lady Michelle Obama was stopping by Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference for a “fireside chat” with CEO Tim Cook, where she explained that women are the decision-makers in life. (We can think of a few countries where that’s just not the case either, but for the sake of argument…).

Who wears the mom-jeans in this relationship anyway? And if women are in charge of everything, why do they always make it clear that they’re not in charge of health care, of their incomes, of their reproductive choices, and so on?

So when exactly are these men going to get out of the way and make room for some women? How about you, Tim Cook? We do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.

* * *


We don’t see any women at the table with Obama and Justin Trudeau giving their input on motivating young leaders … maybe they’re back in the kitchen making dinner.