As Twitchy reported, “Wonder Woman” opened this weekend and is on track to gross more than $200 million worldwide.

That’s a ridiculous amount of money for an opening weekend, but none of it comes from Lebanon, where the film was banned, thanks in part to pressure brought by the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel–Lebanon. As Slate points out, that group on Facebook refers to “Wonder Woman” as “the Israeli soldier film,” which — spoiler warning! — it isn’t.

Still, for the film to gross that much money must mean people just want to see some decent entertainment, right? Or do they?

By our count, Slate has tweeted the same thing 18 times since Thursday. It’s too bad they didn’t use a different still for each tweet so movie lovers on a budget could have scrolled quickly through Slate’s timeline and practically watched the film that way.

Gal Gadot “has proudly discussed her experience in the IDF, touting her combat training in interviews as helpful in preparing for the role. (A decade ago, she participated in a Maxim feature on women of the IDF, ‘the world’s sexiest soldiers.’) She has also been outspoken in her political support for her country,” notes Ruth Graham.

So, why do so many people care that “Wonder Woman” actress and former Miss Israel served in the Israeli Defense Force as a combat trainer? Hmm…

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