With a name like Reality Winner, it didn’t take long for people to track down the social media accounts of the 25-year-old woman charged with providing classified materials from the NSA to The Intercept.

The Daily Beast’s Kelly Weill, who in a tweet described Winner as “brave as hell,” talked to Winner’s mother Monday and tracked down her Twitter account by linking it to other social media accounts, where she was friends with her mom.

It certainly didn’t take much of a survey of the @reezlie feed to figure out that the person it belong to was virulently anti-Trump, but to what degree exactly?

Sure, there are plenty of hashtags among her posts that could have come from Cher if not for her policy of not spelling out the name Trump, but one tweet that raised eyebrows showed the U.S. Air Force veteran apparently dedicating her loyalty to Iran were Trump ever to declare war.

That could be problematic for Winner, as they say.

There are so many tweets in that timeline to sift through and treasure now, like this one:

Nah. Hold up on the prison fantasies, everyone; The Smoking Gun says she’s no traitor.

* * *