There’s a bit of confusion in Australia over whether a suspect who allegedly shot one man and then fired on police during a hostage standoff was a solider of ISIS, as the group claims.

Yacqub Khayre, an Australian citizen who came to the country as a child refugee, was killed by police after he fatally shot an apartment worker and took an escort hostage in Brighton, a suburb of Melbourne. It’s uncertain if the hostage situation was a means of luring police into an ambush.

The Herald-Sun and other outlets are reporting that while Khayre was on parole after being convicted of a violent home invasion, he’d been acquitted in 2009 of plotting with others to attack Sydney’s Holsworthy army barracks. Three were convicted in the plot.

Police aren’t sure if the hostage situation was planned or pulled off with help, but the paper reports that Khayre called the Channel 7 newsroom in Melbourne during the siege to state, “This is for IS (Islamic State) and this is for al-Qaeda.”

While there’s certain to be plenty of untangling of motives as police remove computers and other electronic items from Khayre’s home, it’s also worth noting that he’d traveled to Somalia before being put on trial for the terror plot, “his legal team argued that he was looking for religious enlightenment and harboured no plan to wage jihad in Australia.”

Khayre had a long criminal history, which the judge who sentenced him noted:

There was an attempted armed robbery, burglaries, thefts, unlawful assault and going equipped to steal.

Khayre had stabbed a young train passenger while trying to rob him of his phone.

That crime was committed while Khayre was on bail over other matters.

Later came two firearms offences, including one of being a prohibited person in possession of a gun.

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