The Intercept inspired a whole lot of tweets Monday afternoon with its piece about a leaked NSA report.

Some were pretty excited that, finally, evidence had been found backing up the claim that Russia had hacked the election:

This is the start? How long has this investigation been going on now? Didn’t President Obama look into it while it was happening?

Quite a few others weren’t so impressed, saying that there’s nothing in The Intercept’s report that hadn’t been reported on before. And there were even a few who were more concerned about an NSA report being leaked to the media.

Politico cybersecurity reporter Eric Geller posted a lengthy Twitter thread about the piece that seems to sum things up pretty broadly.

Software that verifies a voter’s eligibility to vote? So the Democrats would call it “voter suppression software”?

Their PCs might not be linked to voting machines, but Dr. Jill Stein had that one figured out; agents could physically walk around voting locations and reprogram the voting machines using floppy disks.

Geller’s take sounds like a fair assessment, and it also shrinks the hype substantially. The leaked NSA report might “detail” a lot of what had already been reported months ago, but that seems about it.

This is probably the most honest one-tweet take on the piece you’ll find today.:

* * *


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