It’s a touchy subject since the president and the media have been less than friendly from the very beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign, but the “non-fake” news outlets do not appreciate it when Trump does an end-run around them and heads straight for social media.

As Twitchy reported, Trump issued three tweets in the wake of a terror attack in London Saturday night.

The first, and most problematic for the press, was a retweet of the Drudge Report news flash.

That one went out at 6:10 p.m., or 17 minutes before Sean Spice tweeted that the president had been notified of the incident by his national security team. Is he possible he knew something reporters didn’t yet, or was he just being careless? In either case, he managed to ruffle someone’s feathers at the old peacock network.

You know, no reporter has ever tweeted something and then found out his big scoop about, say, the president choosing to ignore a speech at the G7 wasn’t true after all. The thing is, there might be a legitimate criticism of the president here, but the media have made it so difficult to take them seriously.

Are we a little uncomfortable that the president is retweeting Drudge Report headlines? A little, but we weren’t thrilled either when BuzzFeed was covering President Obama while at the same time shooting scripted promotional videos in the White House to promote his causes.

If Trump had waited and retweeted NBC News after it had confirmed the story, would that have been better? Or would his retweet have “tainted” the network’s brand? In any case, police very quickly declared Saturday night’s incidents acts of terror.

Hang on … we have some breaking news from NBC.

So, the fears of a new terror attack in London turned out to be true after all. Crazy.

Now here’s a scoop!

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