Twitter lit up last month after the Guardian’s Ben Jacobs tweeted that GOP House candidate Paul Gianforte had just “body slammed” him and broken his glasses. That didn’t stop Gianforte from winning the next day’s special election, but Jacobs’ broken glasses enjoyed a happy ending: the Newseum took them in as an historical artifact.

Roving journalist Michael Tracey on Saturday tweeted that Rep. Maxine Waters had just shoved him, but the public wasn’t quite so sympathetic, especially after seeing the shove on video.

Note: Tracey did state up front it was “not a violent shove” but unwanted physical contact — not that feminists were willing to excuse Tracey’s alleged gigantism, toxic masculinity, and his beard.

Let’s go to the tape:

Waters has dedicated every remaining breath to seeing that President Trump is impeached — she doesn’t have a second to waste on Obama haters.


If anyone was assaulted, it was apparently Tracey, whose titanic frame encroached on the slight Waters, threatening to crush her, were such a thing possible. To untrained eyes like ours, the video didn’t look like much, but apparently race, gender, body type, and age are all factors to consider when judging these things after the fact.

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