After terrorists sent at least 20 people to the hospital Saturday night after attacking pedestrians on London Bridge with a van and stabbing diners nearby, plenty of people were playing “gotcha” on social media, calling out those who jumped to conclusions about the ideology of the attackers.

Did Bette Midler pass the test or not? She didn’t specifically exclude Islamic extremists from her tweet, but rather declared all men and religions worthless.

Yeah, but who’s going to criticize Bette Midler for calling out men? They’re just the worst, as has been proved time and time again every time they try to take away women’s access to health care and pay them less money for the same work.

But religion? Americans — and their elected leaders — have gone out of their way in recent years to play up the contributions of all beliefs to the country that America is today. Maybe Midler meant it’s worthless when you put men and religion together … yeah, that must be it.

Thanks for “mansplaining” the situation to Ms. Midler — it’s like you men have an opinion on everything.

She’ll probably have to think that one over a bit; news reports suggest some of them were armed with guns, which is problematic.

Good point. How hot was it in London today?

* * *


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