Remember way back in June 2010 when Vice President Joe Biden kicked off “Recovery Summer,” a six-week-long focus on all those stimulus-funded jobs that supposedly were putting Americans back to work?

Actually, the Obama administration promoted it initially as a six-week program, but it ended up stretching over several Recovery Summers in hopes that the recovery part of the equation would come into play before the end of Obama’s term.

Well, Democrats in 2017 are so serious about job creation that pajama boys across the nation are trading in their flannels for cargo shorts and signing up to work as volunteer camp counselors for #ResistanceSummer with the goal of sweeping job-creating Democrats back into Congress in 2018.

The Democrats’ deputy party chair, Rep. Keith Ellison, helped host a kickoff town hall Saturday, while party chair Tom Perez was in South Carolina knocking on doors.

If you can’t make it to a Resistance Summer event on Saturday because the #MarchForTruth is running long, never fear; Ellison posted a YouTube video which has racked up nearly 1,500 views in just 10 days.

Sure, the Democrats have an official party platform, but any answer will be accepted for these “I resist because …” fill-in-the-blank posters, which look kind of like the “Stop _____” signs they were holding the night President Trump announced his Supreme Court nominee.

In a crazy coincidence, also signed up 1,000 MoveOn Mobilizers for its Resistance Summer. It looks like they didn’t #FightFor15 very hard, since they’ll be settling for a monthly reimbursement of $150 to cover the costs of volunteering for the resistance.

We’re old enough to remember last summer when the Democrats were scolding Republicans with the #DoYourJob hashtag and demanding that they “stop the obstruction.”

Can’t wait for Resistance Fall and then Resistance Winter and then Resistance Spring …

* * *