When President Trump announced Thursday afternoon that he’d be pulling the United States out of the Paris Agreement, he did add that he’d be open to renegotiating the terms as long as American interests were protected.

Considering the future of the very planet is at stake, after all was said and done Thursday, it turned out the United States didn’t need the climate accord, and the rest of the world didn’t need the United States to participate. The United Nations made it clear that no single party, certainly not America, could force renegotiation of the historic treaty that isn’t a treaty at all as far as the U.S. is concerned.

Plenty of American citizens apologized to the United Nations on behalf of the country, but these are not those citizens.

France, Germany, and Italy issued a joint statement of their own for good measure confirming that the climate treaty can’t be renegotiated, which is fine, since the U.S. Senate never ratified it.

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