Though he’s shown considerable restraint the last few months, it took no time at all for former President Barack Obama to weigh in on “the absence of American leadership” displayed Thursday by President Trump as he announced the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord:

Sure, the world came together in Paris, but maybe President Pen and Phone should have spent a little more time in Washington with U.S. Senators, who could have ratified a treaty. With that option out of the picture, there wasn’t much Obama could do but encourage states and cities to step up.

So Barack Obama is saying that it’s up to state and local governments to make their own decisions regarding carbon emissions rather than defer to an agreement made by a group of world leaders in Paris? OK.

As Twitchy reported yesterday, Mayor Bill de Blasio has already committed New York City to the Paris Agreement, so good luck with that.

Maybe de Blasio and Gov. Jerry Brown can arm wrestle to see who gets to be the climate czar of the resistance.