Media outlets around the world have all but declared the planet an uninhabitable wasteland now that President Trump has announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.

There had been chatter Wednesday night, though, that the president might not follow through on that particular campaign promise, and that he was feeling some pressure on the issue, primarily from daughter Ivanka Trump.

That scenario didn’t play out how progressives would have liked, and Jon Lovett, former speechwriter for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, wasn’t about to let Politico’s Annie Karni finish her day without a proper shaming.

Increasing the vitriol is all some people know how to do.

Hey, some of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters were handbag designers.

Current New York Times and former Politico writer Glenn Thrush didn’t let Lovett’s slight go unanswered. Thrush deleted the tweet, which is a shame, because it looked like a nice Twitter fight was shaping up.


Hey, another Obama speechwriter.


* * *


The triggering wrought by Annie Karni continues.