President Trump’s coining of the word “covfefe” late Tuesday night had already been the subject of think pieces published by CNN and The Atlantic, the basis of some insane conspiracy theories, and a spelling bee news segment before Hillary Clinton managed to spring her take Wednesday night.

Whether Clinton is now writing her own tweets or employing a pared-down social media staff, plenty of supporters flooded her timeline with the requisite “SLAY” and “QUEEN” and “DRAG HIM” and she responded to the president.

Let that steep a moment …

To be fair, the setup was pretty strong, but the follow-through just wasn’t there, kind of like Hillary in Wisconsin.

He’s right. And the image of shattering glass is probably one Hillary should just stay away from.

Could the GOP do better? Whether it was a joke or a real-life anecdote, Sen. Ben Sasse managed to work in two pop culture references, like jumping twin sharks.

* * *